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Are you looking for lose weight tips and advice that do not involve dieting?

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There are many lose weight tips available today with more and more extreme diets seemingly being advocated by celebs such as the baby food diet and the lemonade diet. Yet at a time when there is more and more evidence to support the claim that diets do not work, what alternative lose weight tips or advice are available? So, are you looking to lose weight without yo-yo or crash dieting which can be detrimental to your overall health?

Slim Girls Box of Secrets lose weight tips and advice is based on the idea of getting to the heart of the problem in terms of eating habits and so aims to change your relationship with food, for the better. Whereas typical diets paper over the cracks and offer a short term solution Slim Girls offers a method to maintain the weight loss you have achieved. Slim Girls Box of Secrets was developed by hypnotherapist Ali Campbell, who is a master of Neuro-Linguistic programming (NLP), who as a former professional athlete has first-hand experience of both the effort that is required to follow strict eating schedules and the psychological reasons why people overeat to begin with. As a professional therapist he has spent years studying the unconscious psychological behaviours of thousands of naturally slim people and how they control their eating and drinking habits. He has then applied his findings in order to both explain the reasons why some people are naturally slim but can eat whatever they want and harness it in order to produce a programme that can help others, like you, achieve this too.

Ali’s lose weight tips and advice stems from using the power of the mind to have lasting changes on the physical body. By planting suggestions and commands into the subconscious it is possible to change your relationship with food so that when you eat or drink you only take in the amount of calories needed to maintain your ideal weight and body shape. This method takes effect within hours of beginning the program and so impacts your calorie and fat intake without any conscious effort on your part to stop yourself from eating. Even if you ‘force’ yourself to overeat one day you will effortlessly compensate the next. This results in visible and lasting results as you feel your clothes slacken within 4 weeks of beginning.

All you then have to do is sit back, relax and let Ali guide you on your weight loss journey, to help you lose weight effortlessly is the goal, which is achievable in your own home without disruption to your lifestyle.

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2012-11-30 17:30:00

love the tips - especially the one about sitting back and relaxing :-)

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