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Lose weight tips

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Lose weight tips - number 1: For those of us who don’t even pay attention to what we’re eating, it is important to try and tackle this. Try and stop yourself from eating when multi-tasking, take time to eat and be aware of what you are eating when you are socialising.

Lose weight tips - number 2: Make notes on all of the meals that you enjoy the most. Variety is key. Spread out these meals over a month period and try different ways of cooking these meals by adding a healthy twist.

Lose weight tips- number 3: Make changes to your usual eating habits. Maybe giving up sugar in your tea or changing to a low fat butter, cutting out a late night snack. These changes can take up to 21 days to settle in, so don’t give yourself too much at once. Review your achievements and adjust your goals.

Lose weight tips - number 4: Don’t fall in to the trap of buying things for your children or partner and then eating it yourself. Change your shopping habits to suit your new, healthier lifestyle.

Lose weight tips- number 5: A lot of us are encouraged to eat everything on our plate from an early age. Give yourself a smaller plate, or put your knife and fork down between mouthfuls so that you take time to eat your meals.

What if then you have tried every diet conceivable have tried keeping a diary of the things you eat in a day or cutting portion sizes but have realised that as soon as you stop concentrating on what you are doing you lapse back into the same habits. This is because in essence what you are doing is applying a plaster to a gaping wound and not realising the core issue which is your relationship with food. Slim Girls Box of Secrets works by harnessing the power of your mind in order to change your relationship with food.

Ali Campbell the developer of Slim Girls will explain why it is that some people are naturally slim and can eat whatever they want, he will also guide you on how you can achieve this too. Ali Campbell is a hypnotherapist who has worked with both celebrities and royalty worldwide, to help them lose weight without the conventional methods of either calorie counting or simply going without certain foods or food groups. He developed the Slim Girls Box of Secrets based on this premise, to offer something that is not currently available in the weight loss industry and will have visible and lasting results.

For more lose weight tips visit Slim Girls Box of Secrets.

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