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Need to lose weight

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Weight loss has become an obsession in America where 63% of the people are overweight and a startling 31% are obese, the figures are rising in England as well. Clearly our modern lifestyle is not healthy and there is a need to lose weight. Many people will try any quick-fix diet in order to lose weight, but still the obesity rates are rising. What are the reasons behind this trend? The stress of our lifestyles, toxicity in the environment, unhealthy processed food, improper nutrition habits, and lives spent in our cars, small offices and houses with little or no time in fresh air. Our lifestyles seem designed to make us fat.

According to a recent study by the Department of Health, more than 12 million adults and one million children in the UK are considered obese.  The report also suggests that having two obese parents mean children have five times the risk of being obese themselves.

The report also states that based on current trends 33% of men and 28% of women will be obese by 2010. The government has also realised the need to lose weight as they say this is the “most accurate estimate so far” of future obesity rates.

The Department of Health is backing a scheme where GPs give obese patients diet and exercise plans. Many areas across the UK are finding this successful and other places are interested in introducing it.

What does Slim Girls Box of Secrets offer to help this growing problem? Slim Girls is not a diet and as a result it gets to the core issues surrounding the need to lose weight. For many people food is more of an emotional need than a physical one, so if you need to lose weight you need to address this issue. If thinking about food or cutting it out of your diet is making you unhappy then this is the issue because you are not thinking about food as an essential source of energy which is what it is, although it is enjoyable. Changing this relationship with food through the use of deep relaxation techniques is how Slim Girls differs to other products available on the market. It is therefore effortless and can be introduced without intrusion into your life, by planting suggestions and commands into your subconscious your food habits will change and you will lose weight with lasting results because you have got to the root of the problem.

For more information about our need to lose weight and the benefits of Slim Girls Box of Secrets, click here Slim Girls Box of Secrets.

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