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Lose Weight Tips

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The first lose weight tip is to find out your personal Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), as this will calculate the number of calories that your body actually needs, then reduce by 500 calories to consistently lose weight. To do this complete the following equation:

(Body weight (lbs) x 15) + (Moderate activity [mins/day] x 3.5)

Lose weight tips, number two: is to watch your portion sizes. Becoming more aware of the size of the portion you are eating is a really good way to decrease your food intake. This method means that you never have to go without, simply eat less of your favourite foods. Your stomach responds to the amount of food you regularly eat and so will readjust to the smaller portions.

Another one of our lose weight tips is by eating smaller portions of pasta; restaurants tend to serve up to four times the suggested portion. You need to fight the urge to clean your plate at every meal.

The next one of our lose weight tips is the bean theory. Using this method you attempt to always leave a token amount on your plate (the bean). This amount is just enough to be a conscious gesture at controlling what you consume. It reinforces the premise that you control what you eat and aren’t dictated by portion size. However, meals should not be skipped in a bid to lose weight, as this will create spikes and troughs in your blood sugar levels. This in turn affects the amount that you eat and the way your body deals with food.

Losing weight is made even simpler by taking the time to understand the labels on food. With the new food labelling legislation, we have never had so much data about the food that we eat. However, unless you understand what you’re reading, then it’s irrelevant. For example people trying to lose weight should opt for foods with less than 30g total fat per 100g.

Another one of our lose weight tips is to keep a food journal, allowing you to reflect on the amount that you consume on a daily basis. This process enables you to pinpoint weaknesses in your dietary routine. For example, if you notice that you eat a doughnut every Tuesday afternoon, you could take a different route to your destination or choose a healthy alternative.

The next tip to lose weight is to swap sugary drinks for water. One well-known brand of fizzy pop has 13.5g of sugar per 100 ml, which is a lot especially if you’re not taking drinks into your dietary plan. Water is naturally the best alternative, as it contains none of the weight inducing additives. Water also hydrates the body and makes you feel fuller for longer periods of time.

Lose weight by getting rid of those readymade meals! They contain extra flavourings such as salt and fat as they are made to be instantly flavoursome, so that you will eat more! However, making your own meals means that you control the level of salt and fat. You can manage the levels to suit your own taste, which will ultimately lower the amount you intake.

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