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Dealing with temptation

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This is possibly one of the most difficult parts of losing weight – temptation! Social occasions, sat in watching a DVD, TV programmes about food, these can all tempt you to stray from your planned weight loss programme. Don’t worry about these situations, be strong and have the willpower to give in to binge eating. Stick to your principles and don’t be beaten, you can lose weight! Don’t listen to peer-pressure either, as those people who are tempting you will be secretly admiring you for your determination!

Comfort eating

Quite often people will comfort eat due to personal problems, for example: stress or depression. In reality this can be a vicious circle that you are always being trapped in.

Comfort eating makes losing weight such a struggle, as it becomes a habit, it becomes difficult to stop.

Whether or not your unhappiness is caused by being overweight, it is important to identify this problem and tackle the root of the problem to overcome it.

If you are really struggling to overcome a comfort eating problem, you must seek professional guidance.

Controlling your appetite

It is a fact that some people have a bigger appetite than others. Some people are able to easily maintain a healthy body weight, whereas others can have great difficulty in stabilising this part of their lives.
Try stopping yourself from going for seconds by filling up on fibre rich foods, such as fruit and veg. Eating enough at meal times, ensures that you stay full until your next meal.

Another way to control your appetite is distract yourself with an activity which requires a lot of concentration.

Losing weight healthily

Once you have lost the weight that you wanted to lose, it is now a challenge to maintain your weight, and keep it off for good! Most people relapse back into old habits and put the weight back on as the weight they lost was down to a poor fad diet. Be determined, this is not going to happen to you!

In order to keep up with your new found weight, you need to continue your new healthy lifestyle. Don’t feel like this is another challenge! Keeping up with your new found weight will be easy to hold on to, all you have to do is use the same willpower and strong mind that you used to get to your new weight! As you have now found out that losing weight isn’t that hard after all!

Having a group of people surrounding you with support when you are losing weight is very important. Making sure you have your family and friends behind you is crucial to losing weight.

Having support and encouragement from like-minded people who are in the same boat as you will also help you to keep your weight down. Therefore, joining a local weight loss group will be of great support to you.

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