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Need to lose weight

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Why being a healthy weight is important

If you have a BMI which is above the given healthy range, you’re at an increased risk of contracting particular diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and certain cancers. Therefore, you will be advised that you need to lose weight.

Your waist circumference is also a key feature for contracting major health problems. If you store more fat on your waist rather than your hips, you’re at a higher risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Being overweight means you’re also more likely to experience joint problems and back pain, you may also find that you become breathless and have difficulty sleeping.

As you gain more weight, the more severe these problems may become.

The good news is even a small weight loss (between 5 and 10 percent of your current weight) will help lower your risk of developing those diseases.
Need to lose weight – properly!

Losing weight can be a daunting experience nowadays, as we see celebrity size zero images constantly in all forms of media, giving us the impression that they are the image of a perfect body. This can be scary for someone who has been told they need to lose weight. There must be a simple and easy way instead of completely starving yourself, which doesn’t work! Cutting your calorie intake dramatically actually makes your body go into ‘starvation mode’, and does not help a long-term weight loss programme.

You have to be realistic, and set yourselves achievable goals. Losing a desired amount of weight should be something that you and your body can sensibly reach, without the stress! Don’t be fooled by an instant weight loss programme, a long term plan and change in attitude is the best way to achieve results.

How can Slim Girls Box of Secrets help you if you need to lose weight?

If you have been told that you need to lose weight or you are simply uncomfortable at the weight that you are and feel you need to lose weight then Slim Girls Box of Secrets can help. Slim Girls is not a diet, a pill or a long and sweaty gym routine. Slim Girls works by changing your relationship with food in a positive way, your mind is a powerful tool and can be used in order to make lasting changes on your body. It can help your body to realise when you have physically had enough and so you will not crave anymore food until you are actually hungry as opposed to wanting that cake that has been staring at you all day. This is then beneficial because you will lose weight and see results but more importantly they will be results that will have a lasting effect because your food habits will have changed.

If you feel that you need to lose weight and would like more information visit Slim Girls Box of Secrets.

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2015-12-20 18:38:59

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