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Need to lose weight? Do you really need to lose weight?

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Do you really need to lose weight?

An indicator of whether or not you need to lose weight can depend on how at risk you may be. This is generally worked out by having a BMI over 25 and if you have three or more risk factors, to name a few: cigarette smoking, abnormal cholesterol, a family history of coronary heart disease.
What is your current waist size?

The National Health Service considers that if your waist is more than 94cm (37 inches) if you’re a man and more than 80cm (31.5 inches) if you’re a woman then you are at a higher risk of health problems. If you fall into either of these categories then there may be a need to lose weight. Carrying too much fat around your middle can increase your risk of developing conditions such as: heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer.
How do you feel?

Losing weight can be difficult and finding the correct attitude can be even harder. You should approach losing weight with a steady and realistic manner. Make sure you do your research. Read about success stories, these will make you feel assured that you can lose weight. Join a support group - this will offer you encouragement, seeing people in your position and help you to succeed in losing weight.

Do you really want to lose weight?

This is a key question you need to ask yourself before beginning any weight loss journey. A definite sincere answer to this will save you a lot of time, money and frustration. If you are certain as to why you need to lose weight and you convince yourself that you really want to lose weight everything will be a lot easier.

So why is Slim Girls Box of Secrets different?

Slim Girls Box of Secrets was developed by hypnotherapist Ali Campbell who has worked with celebrities and royalty worldwide. He has used his knowledge in order to produce the Slim Girls Box of Secrets so that it is available to all. Slim Girls is not a diet, it is a method base on using the power of your mind to make lasting changes to your body. It works by planting suggestions and commands in your subconscious in order to change your relationship with food for the better. The Slim Girls Box of Secrets also explains why it is that some people are naturally slim and appear to eat whatever they want and how you can be too.

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