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Do you really need to lose weight?

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The average female body size in the UK is a size 16. That shocked you, didn’t it? Did you think it was a perfect size 10? Perhaps even a size 8? What about that mystical ‘Size 0’? Contrary to what you might see in the media, British women are curvaceous, beautiful women who, no, wouldn’t fit into one of Victoria Beckham’s dresses, but are usually far healthier than their thinner sisters are. But the celebrity culture and constant bombardment of thin, beautiful models has perhaps jaundiced many people’s opinion of what constitutes a normal body shape. So if you’re a healthy size 12, 14 or even that average size 16, do you really need to lose weight?

Do you really need to lose weight? Well why don’t you log on to our website by clicking here and you can take our quick simple test which reveals how your personality affects your waistline and what you can do about it!

The most commonly used form of judging whether someone is overweight is the BMI or Body Mass Index. The BMI or Quetelet index is a statistical measure of body weight based on a person's weight and height. While it doesn’t actually calculate the percentage of body fat a person is carrying, it is used to give a general average of what would be classed as ‘underweight’, ‘normal’ and ‘overweight’ depending on the height of the person. Here at Slim Girls we look at your personality and what would work best for you. We treat you like a real client, the materials contained in the pack use the same methods Ali would use on a one on one with a client.

With our special team of experts we can provide you with everything you will ever need to lose weight! This includes support from the best self-development experts in the world, where you can join in to a member’s area of our website and speak to everyone else who is losing weight with you.

For more information on how to become a member and start to lose weight with Slim Girls Box of Secrets today visit the Slim Girls Box of Secrets site. All you will have to do is just sit back and relax and listen to Ali.

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