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Need to lose weight

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Let’s get a few myths out of the way right from the start. Size zero isn’t healthy. Size zero probably isn’t achievable for the vast majority of women. And newsflash – size zero isn’t particularly attractive either. The reason why most diets fail is because the need to lose weight clouds the dieter’s perception of what is realistic. Bombarded by images of stick-thin celebrities and catwalk models, men and women develop an unrealistic mental image of their actual body shape. It’s called ‘body dysmorphia’ and it’s much more common than you think.

At the Slim Girls Box of Secrets, we do not advertise size zero, we advertise a happy you, gaining a weight that you want and sticking to it. We want to change your relationship with food for the better. We’re with you all the way!

Being realistic and setting yourself goals is usually what is advertised with dieting companies. With the Slim Girls Box of Secrets we don’t ask of you to do anything except from just sitting back, closing your eyes and listening to Ali. It’s as simple as that.

What kind of a body do you have? Are you tall, short, muscular, curvaceous? Just remember that ‘spot dieting’ (trying to lose weight in one target area such as the stomach or thighs) won’t work. If you believe that you need to lose weight in one area, you will have to accept that you are going to lose it elsewhere too, as weight loss isn’t ‘targeted’.

We want you to start the programme and never ever worry about your weight or appearance again! As one of our clients said “It’s so easy it almost feels like your cheating!” Join with us today and you could be saying this as opposed to “I need to lose weight”.

If you need to lose weight, visit our website by clicking here Slim Girls Box of Secrets, and get slim, fit, healthy, active and stylish with the Slim Girls Box of Secrets today!

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