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Help me lose weight and keep my New Year’s resolution!

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Have you made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight? Are you already thinking that it may be a long slog and just need someone to “help me lose weight”? It is more than likely that as the New Year rolls in that many people are thinking “help me lose weight”, the same as you. However, have you tried and failed at dieting and are simply looking for an alternative method to “help me lose weight”?

Slim Girls Box of Secrets is not a diet, pill, food supplement or a drug, it is a completely natural method that can “help me lose weight” this New Year. Slim Girls is based on deep relaxation techniques developed by hypnotherapist Ali Campbell that have been developed in order to get to the root of the issue in terms of relationship with food and to improve this relationship. Ali has spent years studying the unconscious psychological behaviours of naturally slim people and how they regulate their food and drink intake in order to apply his findings to the program. Slim Girls works by planting commands and suggestions into your subconscious as the power of your mind can make changes to the physical body. By using the techniques developed your food habits will change without conscious effort and so will impact your calorie and fat intake helping you to lose weight and see visible results within 4 weeks. This means then that as you see naturally slim people eating whatever they want without gaining weight, you will be able to do the same without conscious effort. Even if one day you ‘force’ yourself to eat more than you physically need to maintain your ideal body weight and shape, you will naturally and effortlessly compensate for this the next day.

Slim Girls Box of Secrets can therefore “help me lose weight and keep my New Year’s resolution” without back breaking gym routines 5 times a week, cutting your favourite foods from your diet, but you can lose weight all from your own home, without a major impact on your lifestyle.  So why not make this New Year the last time you think “help me lose weight” and join the Slim Girls Box of Secrets community?!

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